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Display Driver Failed Specified Graphics Mode


This parameter can be either NULL to indicate the default device, or the name of the display device. Set one or more of the following flags: Flag Meaning DM_BITSPERPEL Use the dmBitsPerPel value. When the display mode is changed dynamically, the WM_DISPLAYCHANGE message is sent to all running applications with the following message parameters. Specifying CDS_TEST allows an application to determine which graphicsmodes are actually valid, without causing the system to change to thatgraphics mode. useful reference

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#include  #include Actually, you are free to change all settings or few of them that is up to you. see here 


It is used to change display settings to the mode specified, but only if the mode is valid. Only display device names as returned by EnumDisplayDevices are valid. Windows 8 still supports 8-bit and 16-bit color modes for desktop apps that were built without a Windows 8 manifest; Windows 8 emulates these modes but still runs in 32-bit color mode.   Syntax Make sure that if you have different batch files for different resolutions, the file you generate always has the same name (e.g.

On some early builds of Windows 95, changing the frequency of the display adapter is not supported and this value should be set to 0 which means the default hardware value. You might have noticed that two unions defined inside the structure. public static void EnumerateSupportedModes() { DEVMODE mode = new DEVMODE(); mode.dmSize = (ushort)Marshal.SizeOf(mode); int modeIndex = 0; // 0 = The first mode Console.WriteLine("Supported Modes:"); while (EnumDisplaySettings(null, modeIndex, ref mode) == Enumdisplaysettings Example Sign In·ViewThread·Permalink Good job, but...

If you want to change another display device, you can use the ChangeDisplaySettingsEx() function. Disp_change_badmode CDS_FULLSCREEN The mode is temporary in nature. Windows NT: Requires Windows NT 3.5 or later. If CDS_UPDATEREGISTRY is specified and the information could not be stored in the registry, the graphics mode is not changed and DISP_CHANGE_NOTUPDATED is returned.

History v1.1 (25 September 1997) Changed name QuickerRes to QRes to avoid conflict with a similarly named third party product. Dmfields Yeah, DEVMODE is one of the large and complex structures. It is very similar to ChangeDisplaySettings(). The dmSize member must be initialized to the size, in bytes, of the DEVMODE structure.


For more information, see Multiple Display Monitors. Visit Website This member can be one of these values: DMDO_DEFAULT = 0The display is in the natural orientation. Changedisplaysettingsex You can obtain information for all of adisplay device's graphics modes by making a series of calls to thisfunction. Dmdisplayflags DISP_CHANGE_BADFLAGS An invalid set of flags was passed in.

It contains 4 public member variables, namely: m_dwBitsPerPixel -- Specifies in bits per pixel the colour resolution of the display device. see here If you have LabVIEW 7, I wrote a new shipping example that shows how to pass 54 different kinds of data (including arrays and clusters/structures) from LabVIEW into a DLL. If this is the case, then I'd suggest you build the Win32 Ascii or Win32 Debug configuration (if you are not interested in a Unicode build) or else do a custom Theflags indicate which members of the DEVMODE structure are used for thedisplay settings change. Enumdisplaysettings

The only problem remaining is that the computer completely freezes for 5 seconds Is this "normal"? References EnumDisplaySettings() Function ChangeDisplaySettings() Function ChangeDisplaySettingsEx() Function DEVMODE Structure POINTL Structure It is pleasure receiving your feedbacks and comments. .NETAPIC#DisplayDisplay SettingsWin32Win32 API TRENDING UP 01Azure Cosmos DB - Part One - DEVMODE Structure This structure encapsulates information about a printer or a display device. this page Marshaling is another service of the CLR.

You can get a list of all devices connected using the EnumDisplayDevices() function. Enumdisplaydevices Example DM_DISPLAYFLAGSUse the dmDisplayFlags value. We can marshal that structure in C# as following: [StructLayout(LayoutKind.Sequential, CharSet = CharSet.Ansi)] public struct DEVMODE { // You can define the following constant // but OUTSIDE the structure because you

Raducu21-Aug-02 13:47 Raducu21-Aug-02 13:47 How can I modify Gamma, Brightness, Contrast or temperature for my video dispaly from my program ?

Consult the MSDN for any possible KB articles. After that, we will focus on the implementation code. Home Events Consultants Jobs Career Advice Stories About Us Contact Us Privacy Policy Terms Media Kit Sitemap Report a Bug FAQ ©2017 C# Corner. Changedisplaysettingsex Example Handles can be repreresented in LabVIEW as U32s as can DWords.

Plus, the union defined the structure also is for printer devices only. I wouldn't be surprised. If the function fails, the return value is zero. Get More Info Quick Navigation OpenGL under Windows Top Site Areas Settings Private Messages Subscriptions Who's Online Search Forums Forums Home Forums OpenGL Developers Forum Items of Importance to the OpenGL Community User Hardware,

The definition of this structure is as following: typedef struct DEVMODE { BCHAR dmDeviceName[CCHDEVICENAME]; WORD dmSpecVersion; WORD dmDriverVersion; WORD dmSize; WORD dmDriverExtra; DWORD dmFields; union { struct { short dmOrientation; short Description & Usage ChangeDisplaySettings changes the current display settings. Get ready. A NULL value specifies the current displaydevice on the computer that the calling thread is running on.

These values can be used also to determine whether the display orientation is portrait or landscape. Now supports setting the monitor frequency (NT only according to the documentation). In addition, you can use any or all of the following members of the DEVMODE structure. The dmSize member of DEVMODE must be initialized to the size, in bytes, of the DEVMODE structure.

Return value The ChangeDisplaySettingsEx function returns one of the following values. See EnumDisplayDevices for further information on the names associated with these display devices. While the screen saver is running? Unfortunately, EnumDisplaySettings() can return only one mode per call, and that mode is encapsulated into the DEVMODE object.

pjnaughter26-Nov-02 22:53 pjnaughter26-Nov-02 22:53 Maybe so, but I thought Code Project was about sharing code on how to do things in Windows. The mode information is stored in the USER profile. Now, it is the time for the PInvoke method. Well done on a great program I have relied on and made use of for a long time!

Windows CE: Not Supported. Then call ChangeDisplaySettingsEx once more, with a NULL device, to apply the changes. Marshaling converts managed data types to unmanaged data and vice versa.