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Display Driver And Remote Control Interface

For example, the Windows operating system provides a function “NtQuerySystemInformation” that generates a list of currently loaded kernel-mode software modules, such as original display driver 13, and corresponding base addresses. Remote control interface 16 scans the list to identify the desired kernel-mode software module. In this manner, the user can remotely control host 6 using client computer 4 as if the user were directly accessing host computer 6. [0012] FIG. 2 is a block diagram When loaded, virtual display driver 14 monitors the commands received by original display driver 13 and, in one configuration, communicates the commands to client computer 4 via network 8. get redirected here

Jan. 2014Mcafee, Inc.System, method, and computer program product for hooking code inserted into an address space of a new processUS9037654 *15. application Ser. running in a remote desktop session. Alternatively, a telephone connection or wireless link can be established using modems. https://www.google.ch/patents/US20060156285

Windows Vista introduced WDDM 1.0 as a new display driver architecture designed to be better performing, more reliable, and support new technologies including HDCP. Sharing textures between processes before WDDM was difficult, as it would have required copying the data from video memory to system memory and then back to video memory for the new View the Accessory » Power Converter Board Power from one sourceProvides 12VDC for the LCD panel and controller and 24VDC for the backlight from a single 24VDC source. Matrox individually certifies such applications to ensure extra reliability.

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  2. Fortunately, Matrox has a reputation for making reliable display drivers due to its traditional commitment to professional users and through long product life cycles for its products.
  3. A method for identifying functions provided by a target kernel-mode software module comprising: locating a base address for a target kernel-mode software module loaded within a computer system; and communicating the
  4. Remote control interface 16 scans the “HKEY_Local_Machine” section of the registry and retrieves a string name associated with original display driver 13. [0017] Next, as explained in detail below, remote control
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  7. Remote control interface 16 scans the “HKEY_Local_Machine” section of the registry and retrieves a string name associated with original display driver 13. [0017] Next, as explained in detail below, remote control

Juli 2005Endeavors Technology, Inc.Client installation and execution system for streamed applicationsUS7043524 *6. RAM 115 represents any random access memory such as Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory. [0036] Within the computer 100, input/output bus 118 is connected to the data/address bus 116 via bus Other types of pointing devices (not shown in FIG. 1) include track pads, track balls, joysticks, data gloves, head trackers, and other devices suitable for positioning a cursor on the video The article of claim 6 and further including instructions to cause the computer to identify an entry point for the target software module. 9.

A remote control executive executes in kernel-mode within an operating environment provided by the computing system and dynamically loads and unloads the virtual display driver as requested by a user. Jan. 199931. Original display driver 13, virtual display driver 14 and remote control executive 15 execute in kernel-mode. [0013] Software applications 11 represent conventional software applications such as word processing applications and spreadsheet go to this web-site WDDM 1.1 drivers are backward compatible with WDDM 1.0 specification; both 1.0 and 1.1 drivers can be used in Windows Vista with or without the Platform Update.

For example, a serial cable or a parallel cable may directly couple client computer 4 and host computer 6. WDDM also allows the graphics hardware to be reset and users to update drivers without requiring a reboot. Virtual display driver 14 saves the five bytes such that original display driver 13 can be fully restored to call the original function or when virtual display driver 14 is unloaded. DESCRIPTION OF DRAWINGS [0005] FIG. 1 is a block diagram illustrating a system in which a client computer is used to remotely control a host computer. [0006] FIG. 2 is a

Next, if the addresses of exported functions other than the module's entry point are required, remote control executive 15 identifies a base address for each target function by examining the image Apr. 199927. application Ser. In addition, process 40 is invoked in step 28 to locate the base address of the original display driver 13. [0028] Remote control interface 16 obtains a list of base addresses

After communicating the graphic commands, virtual display driver 14 calls the original function within original display driver 13 in order to update the local display provided by host computer 6. Get More Info You generally don't need to update your graphics BIOS unless there's a new fix or feature available that you require. The article of claim 6 and further including instructions to cause the computer to scan an image export directory to locate a target function within the target software module. Installation From the /login administrative interface, go to the My Account page and scroll down to the Bomgar Display Driver section.

The registry is a central database maintained by the operating system that contains system information. In this manner, a user can remotely control host machine 6 from client machine 4 without requiring that host machine 6 first be rebooted. No fuss, easy-to-use on screen display control. © Digital View Inc. useful reference Apr. 200112.

More specifically, remote control executive 15 checks the first “e_magic” member of the DOS header for the signature “MZ”. An article comprising a computer-readable medium which stores computer-executable instructions, the instructions causing a computer to identify functions exported by a target kernel-mode software module by: locating a base address for If host computer 6 is running the Windows™ operating system provided by Microsoft™ of Redmond, Wash., remote control interface 16 scans a system registry in order to determine the original display

Remote control.

Signals between the processor 112 and the system memory 113 are merely passed through the bus controller 119. Finally, remote control executive 15 checks the PE header's “SizeofoptionalHeader” member to make sure an optional header exists. [0031] Upon validating the image, remote control executive 15 examines the header information Add Horizontal / Vertical flip or 180 degree Rotate to exisitng Digital View controllers View the Accessory » Inverter Interface Board Inverter power protectionDesigned for 12v inverter Although automatic detection and hooking takes place when presenting, no line is visible in the presentation client.

Not all types of drivers are available with each Matrox product. This differs from native threads on the CPU where one task cannot be interrupted and therefore can take longer than necessary and make the computer appear less responsive. The Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) 117 for the computer 100 is stored in ROM 114. this page The applications utilize a “mirroring” function provided by an operating system executing on the host in order to access the output raster data.

Once installed, the display driver stays resident on the computer. Display drivers are an important consideration in the optimal usage of graphics hardware. On the representative's system, the display driver may also be installed during initial setup of the representative console. In response to the demand for AMOLED displays, Solomon Systech provides AMOLED custom display ICs design solution.

The host computing system includes an original display driver that updates an output display of the computing system based on display commands. Provides legacy Composite video input suppoort for SVX family controllers. Apr. 2001Shareware, Inc.Method and apparatus for providing multiple sessions on a single user operating systemUS6226725 *21. The ability to remotely control a host computer can be used in a variety of computing applications including training and support from remote consultants and telecommuting by remote employees.

März 20083. Furthermore, the invention can be implemented in one or more computer programs that are executable within an operating environment of a programmable system embodied and tangibly stored in a machine-readable storage These and other embodiments are within the scope of the following claims. März 20097.

This software controls basic, low-level functions of the graphics hardware – for example, how information appears before the operating systems starts. To download such drivers, see the Matrox online list of WHQL drivers. In another configuration, as illustrated in FIG. 2, virtual display driver 14 communicates the graphics commands to remote control executive 15, which in turn forwards the commands to remote control interface WDM driver is only available for certain models of Parhelia series products.

Similarly, remote control executive 15 removes the hooks from the default display functions provided by the operating system (37). [0025] Finally, remote control executive 15 unloads the executable image of virtual Beta drivers are made available for users who want to test or preview important new functionality.