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The latest version is very similar to the last one, with the same streamlined user interface. Three separate displays are available, dealing with color cast, contrast & brightness, and color saturation. Save Index Image: Saves the index display as an image file. Stay logged in Photo.net Photography Forums Forums > Practice and Technique > Digital Darkroom >  Sign In  Sign up   Search Member Photos  Search Articles  news

Digital ICE: Minolta Dimage Scan Elite II At maximum scanner resolution, the defects cover significant areas of subject detail, making correction much more difficult. A particular strength of the Dimage software is the extent to which it provides powerful controls for experienced users, while at the same time offering a simple interface for novices. Remove any previus Minolta Dimage Scan Elite II driver from Windows control panel and reboot the system. Vuescan is excellent. https://www.hamrick.com/vuescan/minolta_scan_elite_ii.html

The software CD shipped with the unit supports both Mac and Windows platforms, with standalone scanning applications for both, as well as a Photoshop acquire plug-in for the Mac, and TWAIN Scanner Optics & Light Path Film scanners tend to take one of two approaches in their optical design, providing either fixed- or adjustable-focus internal lenses. The Dimage Scan Elite II is built around a 16 bit A/D, an exceptional spec in and of itself. (Although you'll see that its performance is about equivalent to 14-bit scanners Along the top of the screen are several control buttons and pulldown menus, while the bottom of the screen is divided into a preview area and utility window.

Split-Screen View Clicking on the Pre/Post Correction Comparison Display button lets you check the image adjustments made against the original preview image. You adjust the focus until both lines are at their maximum length and are even with each other. (Depending on the subject, this could be tricky or easy - easiest with Resolving Win 7 updates problems5Re: Is upsizing/zooming more effective when using "simple" ratios?4Re: Moving to Lightroom Top posters in this forum15tkbslc13Sean Nelson12Russell Evans11gail11CAcreeks11Austinian11earthisle11pretzels10kelpdiver9Pictus9WryCuda8Patco8Chris Noble8Martin_Ba7bent christian6Carey Brown6CameraCarl6calson6Sagittarius5Owen www.dpreview.com Follow us Mobile site The Dimage Scan Elite II really pushes the envelope for what's possible with a desktop scanner for a street price of under $700.

mark_k|3, Jun 26, 2009 #1 sam_taha I just installed Vista 64 and I intend to install Windows XP as a virtual machine** running under Vista. The Dimage Scan Elite II, goes the adjustable-focus route, offering both automatic and manual focusing options. Thus, you can immediately see the changes as you apply them. dig this You select "print" and "8x10" or whatever...that's ridiculous...Haven't checked scan (file) yet, but looked pretty good on screen....I understand there will be a watermark...Open up the advanced settings for more options.

Has anyone tried it? ** For non-computer nerds, a virtual machine is basically an operating system within an operating system. Save Index File: Saves the index as an index file. Flip Vertical: Flips the image on a vertical axis. Feedback Select By Filters Vendor: All Vendors2Wire3Com3DFX3DLabs3J Tech4KUSA4 TechnologyADIADMtekAGEIAAGFAAIPTEKALIAMDASUSATI TechnologyAVMAVerMediaAVerMeidaAbitAccesstekAcctonAceexAcerAchieverAcorpActiontecAdaptecAdicoAdobeAdpatecAlbatronAlcatelAllied TelesynAlps ElectricAmbiComAmigoAnalog DevicesAopenAostaApache MicroApple ComputerArchosArgosyArgusArtecAsmartAsoundAsrockAudiotrakAurealAuslinxAvisionAxisAztechBENQBTCBell HowellBiostarBoederBroadcomBrotherBuffaloC-MediaCTXCanonCanopusCasioChaintechChiconyCirrus LogicCompaqCompexComproConcordConexantCool-iCamCreativeCrystal SemiconductorsCyberdriveD-LinkDFIDavicom SemiconductorDellDiamondDynalinkECSEIZOEPoXESIESS TechnologyEagletecEchoEdimaxElo TouchSystemsElsaEmuEncoreEnnyahEpsonEzonicsFIDAFargoForteMediaFujifilmFujitsuFujitsu SiemensGCCGainwardGamtecGemtekGeniusGigaByteGigaFastHPHansolHauppaugeHawking TechnologyHerculesHi-TouchHiTeCHighPointHitachiHyundaiIBMInnoVISION MultimediaIntelIomegaIwillJetwayKingmaxKingstonKodakKworldKyoceraLG ElectronicsLeadtekLeicaLexmarLexmarkLifeViewLinksysLiteOn TechnologyLogitechLucent TechnologiesLynx StdioM-AudioMSIMag InnovisionMarvellMatroxMaxtorMediaTekMedionMemorexMicroTekMinoltaMitsubishiMitsubishi ElectricMitsumiMotorolaMustekNECNETGEARNikonNokiaOKIOceOlitecOlivettiOlympusOptoritePCTELPacific Image

  1. The Dimage Scan Elite II has this multi-sample averaging capability, and it works fairly well.
  2. If you're using Windows and you've installed a Minolta driver, VueScan's built-in drivers won't conflict with this.
  3. Thanks Alex P.S.
  4. Vuescan produced horrible digital artifacts (even in uncompressed TIFF files) and jaggedy lines and colors were a bit over saturated, while Silverfast came the closest to the original scans and were
  5. Anyway, someone mentioned that with VueScan (which I had downloaded yesterday) it would be possible to scan – so I hooked it all up – first with Firewire (which did not
  6. At the top of the window is a pulldown menu which selects which RGB channel shown, or you can look at the main RGB channel.
  7. Available for Windows and Macintosh (including Mac OS X v10.2.6) operating systems, DiMAGE Scan v.1.1.1 now features a histogram display in the Exposure Control Tab for the DiMAGE Scan Multi PRO,
  8. Flip Vertical: Flips the image on a vertical axis.

Before starting the installation of drivers, connect your scanner Minolta Dimage Scan Elite II to your computer, and that the scanner is powered On. http://www.steves-digicams.com/news/minolta-posts-updated-dimage-scanner-software.html Did anyone save the MAC install package for installing the later version Scan Elite 5400 (not elite II 5400)? Brightness / Contrast / Color Balance: Displays the Brightness / Contrast / Color adjustment window. Mac OS versions 8.6 through 9.1 are supported, OS X doesn't appear to be supported as of this writing in mid-March, 2002.

Though several higher-end scanners (including Minolta's own Dimage Scan Multi Pro) offer scanning resolutions as high as 4,800 dpi, the Dimage Scan Elite II's 2,820-dpi resolution is excellent for 35mm film, http://forumfamiljar.com/dimage-scan/dimage-scan-elite-ii-driver-windows-7.php Reproduction in whole or part in any form or medium without specific written permission is prohibited. VueScan works differently. Directly below the Tone Curves graph is the Histogram, which plots the tonal distribution of the image, from black point to white point.

Select Continue Anyway and proceed with the installation. Redo: Reapplies the previously undone adjustment. High Points Supports both 35mm and APS film formats. (APS adapter is an optional accessory) 8- or 16-bit digitization. 2,820 dpi maximum resolution. More about the author While the tendency is to focus on extreme cases like the piece of film I showed above, its real usefulness comes in removing the little bits of dust and lint that

Color Matching: Activating Color Matching lets you match the output of the scan to a specific device, such as a monitor or printer. Several functions may not work. So now I have scanned my first test slide taken with Leica and Kodachrome 25 when the Spruce Goose was towed in the Long Beach harbor to its exhibition dome...this...is VERY

At the bottom of the window are the Auto Setting (which tells the software to analyze the histograms and make its best guess as to the proper correction) and Reset buttons.

Hue, Saturation, and Lightness Correction Clicking on the Hue / Saturation / Lightness button displays another adjustment window, which can likewise be placed anywhere on the preview area. Image Correction Tab Once you've adjusted the image resolution and size, as well as the orientation and cropping, clicking on the Image Correction tab lets you perform prescanning corrections. This scanner came with a low-quality USB cable, and is also sensitive to USB timing on faster computers. The Basics An upgrade to their Dimage Scan Elite (which I reviewed previously), the Dimage Scan Elite II replaces the earlier model's SCSI host connection with dual USB/FireWire (IEEE 1394) interfaces

Theoretically, more bits of A/D translate into better dynamic range, although in practice dynamic range is often more limited by the analog circuitry and other parts of the signal processing chain. In fairness to the DSEII, these only appeared in the face of really extreme tonal adjustments, but they were quite apparent on the original Train slide. (Hardly visible on Train 2 Overview Minolta is a company with long experience in the world of film, and extensive digital expertise previously applied in the areas of office electronics and imaging (copiers & printers). http://forumfamiljar.com/dimage-scan/dimage-scan-elite-ii-driver.php Steve’s Digicams is part of the Internet Brands Family Facebook Twitter YouTube Instagram Sign up for our weekly newsletter!

It then becomes the central image, representing the current state of the correction, and you're presented with a new range of alternative choices. If so how big is it? When using manual focus, a black and white "thermometer bar" graphic appears in the focus window. Finally, the Dark Part Protection Level prevents sharpening from being applied to dark areas of the image.

English Deutsch Français Español Italiano Русский 日本語 中文 (简体) 中文 (繁體) Български Català Česky Dansk Ελληνικά Suomi Hrvatski Magyar 한국어 Nederlands Norsk Português Português (Brasil) Polski Română Slovenčina Српски Svenska Türkçe One-pass scanning with trilinear RGB CCD sensor. It appears to work well enough for random dust specks, but less so in situations where the film is actually damaged. (Scratched emulsion.) Somewhat mitigating this is the fact that the I've found Digital ICE to be remarkably useful in routine scanning.

Save Image Correction Job: Saves all image correction settings as a "job." Load Image Correction Job: Loads a previously saved correction job. I found no difference in scan times between the two, contrary to my experience with the Dimage Scan Multi Pro. (Where the Photoshop plug-in was much faster when doing high resolution Simmons Nov 6, 2011 Re: Make Minolta scanner work with Windows 7 MisterBG Nov 6, 2011 1 Re: Make Minolta scanner work with Windows 7 Gary M. In each case, a number of small thumbnails appear onscreen, with the central image showing the effect of any currently-selected image adjustments, and the surrounding thumbnails showing a range of possible

Use VueScan to get them on your computer, and off your to-do list. The last year has seen Minolta achieve leadership status in digital cameras though, with the introduction of their high-end, five-megapixel Dimage 7 prosumer model, the high end of a line that The remaining bars control Radius, Threshold Level, and "Dark Part Protection Level." The Radius adjustment controls how large an area the sharpening function is applied to around contrast edges in the It is working but now it seems that my USB2 expansion (Belkin) device does not power up so it says "Confirm connection" swapping for a direct USB connection does work.

Locate the driver file using Windows Explorer when the download has completed.