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Motion compensation isn't actually a quality-enhancing feature; it reduces CPU load substantially, but it doesn't look quite as good. And it doesn't work at all in Direct3D. Quake 3 results (frames per second, Demo001) Quality Viper II GeForce SDR Normal 72.5 75.1 High 65.1 61.8 1024 by 768, high geometric detail, maximum texture quality 45.9 34.2 The Viper A TNT2 or Voodoo3 would kill that card. his comment is here

The included DVD player software is Zoran's OK-but-not-great SoftDVD. Now, the OpenGL non-functionality wasn't a problem, because Windows didn't start at all. And there was much rejoicing. According to S3, you need to make sure you've got the latest AGP miniport driver (v4.61, as I write this) from here, first, so I did that. more info here

Web hosting kindly provided by SecureWebs. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. But it doesn't, actually, do it yet. S3TC reduces the amount of memory space textures take up, and it's implemented in hardware on the Viper II so it doesn't reduce speed.

  1. The "dual texture" part, though, lets the Savage 2000 narrowly beat the GeForce in textured pixel ("texel") speed, in games that use multitexturing - textures on top of each other.
  2. As I discovered that none of the links and websites I previously used to link to don't work anymore I have decided to host the most recent files/drivers myself*+.
  3. S3TC is part of the free DirectX standard, but it's not free if you want to support it in OpenGL.
  4. Well, I did that.
  5. Main Viper II product page S3's Viper II support page (includes driver downloads) Savage2000.com (S3 chipset and other graphics news) Evil Smokin' Dude's Viper II review (they're pretty uncomplimentary about it,
  6. I hated my Savage2000 card Driver support sucked totally as well, which is why its hard to find drivers.
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  8. And the Viper II worked.
  9. The S3 "MeTaL" API works only with their Savage-series cards.

So they optimised the drivers to suit Q3A, in particular. It's speedy, and it's easy to develop for, but only 3dfx cards have drivers that support it. OEM GeForces can be had in the USA now for less than $US170. Intel uses mesh to bring 28 cores… https://t.co/wWyFJfn5Pi IanCutress: @blaktron LCC, HCC and XCC are monolithic IanCutress: @yenic EMIB RyanSmithAT: @lathiat @anandtech That's more an address for ad buyers.

Software DVD players working through just about any current graphics card will give results just as good as the newest and grooviest of high speed cards, as long as you've got AGP lets the graphics board rapidly access main memory for texture storage. Because it's an AGP card, you'll need an AGP slot on your motherboard, and an AGP-aware operating system - the final version of Windows 95, or any version of Windows 98, http://www.vgamuseum.info/index.php/component/k2/item/585-diamond-viper-ii-z200-s3-savage2000 Sure, it's likely that sooner or later the working drivers will be out.

XP not recognizing card and won't accept NT drivers. Remember this if you run your favourite game and it seems strangely slow; check your desktop colour depth. Not quite true, I generally found my Viper II to be slightly slower than a GeForce 2 MX (origenal, none of this new fangled 400 business). S3 are, therefore, quite right when they say that hardware T&L is not yet a terribly important feature.

Sign up now Username Password Remember Me Lost your password? browse this site S3's original line was that the T&L support, though not in the first version, would be added in a driver update in "Q1 2000". This is a much better result than early Viper II drivers delivered; Viper II Direct3D performance seems quite acceptable now, and there are none of the bizarre visual glitches that made According to the manufacturers, the Savage 2000 was going to take the fight to NVIDIA, with on-board transform and lighting (T&L) support just like the GeForce.

But once you get away from the Q3A-optimised OpenGL, and the UT-only MeTaL, the Viper II looks less exciting. 3D Mark 2000, the rather pretty Direct3D game performance benchmark from MadOnion.com, this content At 640 x 480 or 800 x 600 resolution, it roughly equals the performance of a more expensive SDR GeForce, and it's actually faster at higher resolutions. Before the production chipset arrived, S3 quoted some most impressive numbers from a 200MHz version of the chip, but actually making these in quantity appeared to be beyond their capabilities. Login Form Username Password Remember Me Log in Forgot your username?

This might not be a bad idea for Australian users, anyway; the 0.18 micron manufacturing process used in the Savage 2000 chip keeps its temperature down somewhat, but it still runs The Viper II is, in this regard, a better upgrade choice for people with less than cutting edge PCs. Fill rate is what you need to just put pixels on a screen, when nothing fancy's happening in the texturing department; a graphics system is said to be "fill rate limited" http://forumfamiljar.com/diamond-viper/diamond-viper-ll-drivers.php When you un-gzip it, read the readme for install directions - they are pretty normal, just use ./install.sh in the terminal.Uploaded ByAndrew Diederich (DG Member) on 24-May-2000 Related DriversDiamond Multimedia Driver

Give Dan some money! (and no-one gets hurt) You can BUY products reviewed at Dan's Data from Aus PC Market! I really appreciate the help. It's referred to as depth, and sometimes as bit depth, because of the concept of overlapping, stacked "bitplanes", planar arrays of ones and zeroes that, together, define the colour of each

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Towards the end of this month (April 2000), NVIDIA will announce their next generation chipsets. That old 300MHz P-II will be pretty much incapable of doing anything else while it's playing a movie, mind you, but that's probably OK - how much else do you want The Viper II uses S3's Savage 2000 chipset. This is only about $US40 more than similar deep-discounter prices for the Viper II, and it lines up roughly with Australian pricing, too.

An original driver can be found at: Diamond Multimedia: [EXE] DIAMOND VIPER VER 2Z200 WIN 9X 2K NT-4 (direct link to diamond file) Metal v2.0.0.4; NT4 v4.1024.900.0011 & v4.1024.900.0019; W2K v5.12.01.9008; The drivers we used were the latest available and were dated 11/11/99, and they will be the shipping drivers. This isn't the first time driver hassles have handicapped an otherwise promising piece of hardware. check over here Worse than a HDD ganeshts: @robertheron @Synology What is the 4K fisheye that you are using?

It's no big deal to use MeTaL if you've got a Savage 2000; the Unreal Tournament driver comes on the software disc, with more recent versions available from the support page Overall The Viper II's smoking performance in Q3A and UT makes it an excellent choice for anybody that's interested in these games, particularly if they don't have a terribly speedy processor. These won't be available on an actual retail card for a while after that, but the announcement will drive prices for current down further still. 3dfx have their Voodoo 4 and Unfortunately, even as it increases the speed of OpenGL games, it screws up the graphics.

But, remember, its Q3A and UT performance is a best case scenario, and the drivers aren't tuned for other games. It's similarly impressive for Quake III: Arena, which is an OpenGL game. Results 1 to 6 of 6 Thread: Diamond Viper II Z200 Tweet Thread Tools Show Printable Version Email this Page… Subscribe to this Thread… Search Thread Advanced Search Display Linear It will, however, let you maintain the same not-too-exciting frame rates at higher resolutions.

As long as the texturing speed's the limiting factor, the Savage 2000 wins, in raw numbers. For ad problems, contact me directly.