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During normal gameplay, the tearing isn’t too bad but it is definitely present. This is because they're written to run OK on the large majority of graphics cards without hardware T&L. But it doesn't. Worse than a HDD ganeshts: @robertheron @Synology What is the 4K fisheye that you are using? http://forumfamiljar.com/diamond-viper/diamond-viper-ll-drivers.php

Here it is, in a nutshell. All content Copyright © Daniel Rutter 1998-2017. 21 Jun 2017 Home Companies Scan Search Diamond Multimedia Video Drivers Download Diamond Multimedia Video Drivers - 833 drivers found Filter: Show All S3TC reduces the amount of memory space textures take up, and it's implemented in hardware on the Viper II so it doesn't reduce speed. Moving the transform and lighting portions of the 3D rendering process onto the graphics card reduces the load on the computer's CPU, and substantially speeds up rendering. click for more info

Which is not the case. So hardware T&L is under-used at the moment. The problem is present with the Savage 2000’s drivers, but seems to be worst when in a game’s menu or in timedemo mode. So I installed the AGP VXD, from the 4.20 4-in-1 package available here.

On the 650MHz Athlon box, the Viper II scored 2923 3DMarks, while the GeForce clocked in at 3574. OpenGL games inherit the colour depth of the desktop when you run them; if you're running 16 bit in Windows, that's what the game'll be. Want a brutally fast PC graphics card to play games on? I tried the older v4.17 4-in-1 drivers, as well.

Luckily there are no currently available D3D titles that take advantage of hardware T&L, so you don’t have to worry too much there. Copyright and Terms of Use, © 2000- Video-Drivers.com. As I discovered that none of the links and websites I previously used to link to don't work anymore I have decided to host the most recent files/drivers myself*+. look at this site Does much the same thing as Direct3D and Glide, but does it on any computer you care to name.

When a game has rendering options that say something like "Standard OpenGL" and "3DFX OpenGL", the second option's Glide. Motion compensation isn't actually a quality-enhancing feature; it reduces CPU load substantially, but it doesn't look quite as good. According to the manufacturers, the Savage 2000 was going to take the fight to NVIDIA, with on-board transform and lighting (T&L) support just like the GeForce. There are lots of not-terribly-new graphics cards in the lower price brackets - a few 3dfx Voodoo 3s, earlier NVIDIA designs like the assorted TNT2 chipsets, Matrox's rather good G400, ATI's

Unfortunately these guys kee… https://t.co/gHEGcIO9Qf RyanSmithAT: @Max_TWS @anandtech https://t.co/iBNrvs0dRx RyanSmithAT: @BrettHowse It's 112F there! http://www.dansdata.com/viper2.htm S3's original line was that the T&L support, though not in the first version, would be added in a driver update in "Q1 2000". Glide: 3DFX's native 3D graphics standard, as used by the Voodoo cards of all flavours. Without this special AGP driver, you can expect Via Apollo Pro 133 and 133A motherboards (the VA6 is an Apollo Pro 133 board) to misbehave.

Gray (DG Member) on 2-Jan-2001 Related DriversDiamond Multimedia Driver Update UtilityGraphics Card Driver DownloadsVideo Driver DownloadsDiamond VC500 Video Driver DownloadsPopular Diamond Multimedia Video / Graphics Driver Downloads for WindowsBrowse all Diamond this content If a game has tons of lights all over the place, which the GeForce can elegantly handle, it'll crawl on other cards. An original driver can be found at: Diamond Multimedia: [EXE] DIAMOND VIPER VER 2Z200 WIN 9X 2K NT-4 (direct link to diamond file) Metal v2.0.0.4; NT4 v4.1024.900.0011 & v4.1024.900.0019; W2K v5.12.01.9008; OpenGL: The platform-independent 3D graphics interface standard, with different flavours developed by Silicon Graphics and Microsoft.

The board ships in AGP 1X/2X mode, like the Viper V770 Ultra, and, in order to enable AGP 4X, the three jumpers on the Diamond’s Viper II must be capped (they One continuous piece of silicon is a die. The Viper II hardware T&L does make a difference in many tests. weblink Lower the resolution, so fewer pixels need to be painted per frame, and a fill rate limited system will get a higher frame rate.

This isn't to say that bleeding-edge PC gaming doesn't often makes you fiddle with your setup, at least a bit. By continuing to use the site and/or by logging into your account, you agree to the Site’s updated Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. IanCutress: @hpcprogrammer @alphacheez Intel will do it again.

As you can see my list is incomplete.

  • As long as the texturing speed's the limiting factor, the Savage 2000 wins, in raw numbers.
  • Sure, it's likely that sooner or later the working drivers will be out.
  • But once you get away from the Q3A-optimised OpenGL, and the UT-only MeTaL, the Viper II looks less exciting. 3D Mark 2000, the rather pretty Direct3D game performance benchmark from MadOnion.com,
  • According to S3, you need to make sure you've got the latest AGP miniport driver (v4.61, as I write this) from here, first, so I did that.
  • If you've got a slower processor - which, these days, means just about anything running below 500MHz - then DDR GeForce won't give you a huge advantage.

Stealth 3D 2000 Series drivervxnt4203.exe [more] Diamond Multimedia Systems, Inc. And Windows, once again, presented a modern artwork which I believe I shall title "Alone"; a mouse pointer, palely loitering in the middle of a big black blank screen. A couple of previous versions of the drivers had it too, but you had to turn it on with a simple little Registry hack. But you still want 75Hz or so, if you can get it.

I did not have the time, or the patience, to find it. POST A COMMENT 0 Comments View All Comments PIPELINE STORIES + Submit News MSI Announces GeForce GTX 1080 Ti LIGHTNING Z Toshiba Selects Japan-U.S. A good AGP card for old pc Good AGP Video Card for HTPC Good AGP card for 4x slot good agp card for under 100 bucks More resources Tom's Hardware Around check over here Texture squishing S3 Texture Compression (S3TC) comes along with MeTaL, but it can also be used with other APIs.

GeForce boards are just not that much more expensive than S3's offering. And, like any card without hardware T&L, the Viper II sucks in a manner previously only seen in holes in the side of spacecraft when you ask it to run NVIDIA's This is why Q3A, an OpenGL game, has S3TC support only when you're using an S3 graphics card. Video quality The Viper II does a sterling job of DVD playback, but that's no big deal unless you've got a slow CPU.