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This really isn't rocket science in either case if you can handle a soldering iron. Well since the later Voodoo Volts is rated 4.6 amps at 12 volts (55 watts) all you need is a power supply that will provide the same amount of amps at The board shown above is one of two known to exist, the engineer who provided the board indicated it was from "a small run" made on October 25th 2000. Hank Semenec indicates his leads come from a ATX power supply to P4 Motherboard power adapter cable. http://forumfamiljar.com/dfi-lanparty/dfi-nf4-sli-drivers.php

Problems with voltage regulation not worked out until final retail revisions. One interesting item related to the "Intel" revision V6K is this prototype fan set. Trivia #4- The Comdex '99 was a dummy PCB populated with components with no traces or connections, even the AGP connector contacts just stop. It enjoyed an extended life due to market rejection of the early 8xx chipsets that followed it, and for other reasons. http://www.dfi.com/support/download.html

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symptoms consist of random lockups when using any FSAA settings. If the division was not done then the final RGB out put would be 1.4V, double the allowed .7Volts. NOTE- I have had zero problems running V5-6000 on BX based Intel boards.

  1. Abit BX133-RAID: Socket 370, 100MHz FSB (overclockable), max 768MiB RAM (PC100/133), max 1.13GHz Pentium III (per hearsay).
  2. Your job then is simple: All you have to do is provide the proper 12V+ and ground connections and you will be ready for some pixel pushing operation.
  3. History- The VSA-100 family was introduced at Comdex '99 computer hardware show on November 17, 1999.
  4. The Comdex'99 V5-6000 was a mock up board that did not and could not function.
  5. From Wikipedia plus personal experience: 845: ICH2, 400 MT/s, DDR-266, AGP 4×.
  6. The safe CPU options are those that are declared to be compatible in the motherboard's manual.
  7. Typically 80-85% is the industry norm for such things and if you subtract 15-20% off of 80 watts you come up with the number 64-68 watts of power drawn maximum.
  8. Without software workarounds, the simultaneous use of PATA UDMA and ISA or PCI DMA produces obvious stuttering/crackling in the audio or a hard lockup every time.
  9. The ones I found did not have an AGP slot.

NOTE: Some Intel based 6000's have been reported good at 166mhz, while most (probably earlier model Intel's) will only work at 143mhz and below - depends on individual card * Rare Audio CMI 9739A S/W Sound On-Board 주변기기 1개의 FDD포트 : 360K, 720K, 1.2M, 1.44M와 2.88Mbytes플로피 드라이브를 2개까지 사용2개의 시리얼 포트 (COM A + COM B) 1개의 패러럴 포트 : SPP / The PCB shown above has a Voodoo 3 chipset on board with 8MB of SGRAM and is powered up through the external "mini Molex" connector above the VGA connector. Dfi Qatar Distinguishable by the presence of a larger 'Intel' bridge chip located in the bottom left corner of the card, a lot if not most of these cards were not 100% operational

The slower Pentium IIIs are able to survive with a large, passive heat sink and good case airflow. Dfi Lanparty Motherboard Robot?That's not you, right?Of course you're not, just assure us below. No AGP slot (integrated VIA graphics). my response Clearly 3dfx either had not gotten around to producing the later backplate at the time the board was sent off for review or they were just using up the early backplates

Appendix D: Other buggy DMA bridges Excerpted from drivers/pci/quirks.c rev. 2013-04-12: /* The VIA VP2/VP3/MVP3 seem to have some 'features'. Dfi Singapore Please feel to e-mail. GHz C3? Several issues which have been bothering other users of Revision 3 and 4 cards don't seem to be present in these models, so if you have a good working revision 2

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Hank Semenec quotes- "3DFX originally thought that the chips were not stable at 183 so they decided to ship at 166, that is why rev A has -6 memory. http://www.flaterco.com/kb/ISA_chipsets.html My advice to you is to check to and see what your power supply can provide on one of the 12 volt lines, if it is 5 amps or greater then Dfi Finance There are two ways you can go about this; you can either solder internal power supply wiring directly to the board or add terminals of some sort for a neater, more Dfi Acronym One user noted that V6K & motherboard works with bios 1.006 but not 1.008 Chaintech CT-7VJL VIA KT333 AMD system EPOX 8K7A+ AMD 761 AMD system EPOX 8K5A2 VIA KT333 AMD

Bad CPUs. his comment is here Under 2000/XP the V5-6000 will only operate in single chip mode sources report, I'm told this is being looked into. These cards, being 'Alpha' in PCB design, suffered from many design flaws and compatibility issues, and had undergone a number of revision updates. Bad caps. Dfi Lanparty Bios

It is the last Athlon XP processor specced for a 266MT/s FSB. The P4 motherboards have a mandatory square 4 pin power connector that is required for operation, hence the adapter for ATX power supplies missing them. KB Home 404 Error - Page Not Found Please check the URL. this contact form The rework applies to PCB versions 210-0391-001-A and 210-0391-001-A3, it also might work on other revisions but has not been tested.

Also, it may be the case that only certain steppings (hardware revisions) of a given CPU will work. Dfi Architects Unfortunately, few manufacturers keep that information up indefinitely for vintage parts. In theory it allows you to run the V6K on ANY motherboard with a PCI slot but that limits you to a PCI spec 33 mhz bus.

It was obtained from a former engineer who indicated that a very small number of them had been made but none had ever been mounted to a board.

I'm trying to build a database of motherboards here to take the guesswork out as much as possible. Don't have a brick to run your V6K? KT133A = VT8363A northbridge + 686B southbridge. Dfi Motherboard Drivers ALADDiN TNT2 was followed by several more Socket 370 chipsets.

Common Problems There are some known timing and signal integrity issues on ALi chipsets. The available multipliers on the P5S-VM would allow for a 500 or 550MHz K6-III if such exists ("AMD chose not to sell a 500 MHz or faster K6-III after the rare By the time of the 3600-3700 boards the VSA-100 manufacturing had settled down and was starting to mature making chances of chip burn out unlikely. http://forumfamiljar.com/dfi-lanparty/dfi-xp-drivers.php Problems that Will Not Be Fixed ALi chipsets, ALi1541 and ALi1647 On ALi1541 and ALi1647 chipsets, NVIDIA drivers disable AGP to work around timing issues and signal integrity issues.

FSB overclocks up to 133MHz can be attempted. The cited DFI example also has an AGP slot. Hence the VSA-100 decals covering the chips during the show. Divide by 2 in binary is shift right, so your 8 bit number becomes 7 bits only.

Unable to resist temptation and leave such a magnificent piece of hardware lying around, I sent the fan assembly to the patron saint of V6K's and had it installed. Trivia- Several hundred known to have been made and considered the best of all the revisions. Of course this is a minimal system configuration with just 2 hard drives, sound card and network card but it clearly shows that burly 400+ power supplies are not a requirement As luck would have it someone at 3dfx must have considered powering the boards from an internal source and all Revision 2+ boards have a spot for an internal connector.

Chipsets by OPTi were already obsolete. The problem is that V5 6000 uses analog SLI and it was necessary to divide the final RGB result by 2 in 4xFSAA. I prefer the terminals myself as they have more contact points and look neater.